S c r o l l   d o w n   
t o   v i e w   s e l e c t e d   p r o j e c t s

the death of a cancer cell.

This series of images shows an impression of the three stages of apoptosis, which is the destruction of a cancer cell by a t-lymphocyte  [ white blood cell ] created in the style of an SEM
[ Scanning Electron Microscope ] image.
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Let's Make Friends

This series of images explores the idea of robot companions in everyday life.
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Adventures in Nanotechnology

From the artists imagination comes these images of cell sized biotech micromachines, tiny robotic devices operating at the microscopic level.
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Financial Times

A series of over 100 magazine covers for Professional Wealth Magazine featuring futuristic fintech [ financial technology ] concepts with a human touch. The project included concept drawings, photography, computer graphics and the production of a behind the scenes video.
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