Having grown up on a diet of Gerry Anderson and glow of the Apollo moon missions Coneyl has always been inspired by the relationship between human beings and machines. With a background in science and art Coneyl was an early adopter and a pioneer in the digital revolution. He embraced a digital workflow from it's earliest arrival. Having always worked using experimental techniques to achieve his artistic visions, the marriage of the camera and the computer became a match made in heaven. Extensive experience in several disciplines allows Coneyl to the understand needs of his clients and deliver convincing imagery. Coneyl believes that for any brand to achieve its ambition it needs to show it's story in the best possible light. That's why it's as important to understand why something is being crafted as well how it will be done, whether it's a selfie or the latest interactive virtual reality environment that way he can bring to bear exactly what is required to create the end result, it's all about the visual communication. it always has been and always will be.

Clients include >

British Airways, BBC, BP, BT, Hewlett Packard, Macmillan, Conde Naste, Discovery Channel, Dennis Publishing, Financial Times, Getty Images, Lloyds, Merrill Lynch, Price Waterhouse Cooper,
Proctor & Gamble,
 Science Photo Library, Sony, Men's Health, Rotary Watches, Time Magazine.
"Your video....AMAZING! thanks for that, its really super"
"Thank you so much! It’s beautiful! I’m so happy you agreed to do this" 
"Thank you Coneyl! This is brilliant"
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